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Safety at Adam's Crane

Gloves and Hat

In a high-risk industry we don't take safety lightly at Adam's Crane. To provide the highest level in safety practices we have:

  • Developed and maintain robust health and safety policies

  • Comprehensive lift planning systems

  • Brand new crane and lifting equipment

  • An operator that is committed to health and safety

By partnering in the project we can ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

To achieve this we:

  • Listen to customers to understand what it is they are aiming to achieve

  • Build a lift plan. Communicate the plan and the risk before the lift to all involved, so safety is a team effort and everyone understands their role

  • Have one point of contact throughout the project. This reduces risk as information is passed from person to person 

  • Have a radio control feature which reduces miscommunication and allows the operator to best position themselves for the lift. Enhancing the team effort

Safety also comes from collaboration and experience. Being a member of the Crane Association we tap into combined experience and stay up to date with industry related changes. We recommend our customers check out SafeCrane, a resource developed by the Crane Association for all involved with lifting.
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