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Technology & Innovation

60t capacity, 48m main boom with 15m fly jib for reach or 2m runner jib for twin hook rotation. A longer main boom on an incredibly compact carrier, gives this crane the ease to reach and the ability to get into tight areas to maximise capacity.
Innovative features include:

Radio Control

One of only a few mobile cranes in New Zealand to use radio control. Its all about safety, communication and efficiency. The crane can be operated from the seat or the radio control, giving the operator the option to select the best place to position themselves. Improving communication by being right with the lift, working alongside the client's representative. Another first in Nelson.


Counterweight Trailer

Why have a truck take the counterweights to site? This crane tows its own trailer when needed, reducing cost with no waiting for a truck to arrive or having it sit and wait while the crane works. Lowering emissions and vehicle movements onsite. Less waste, more space.


All Terrain Accessibility

6 x 6 x 6. The only crane in Nelson above 30t with all wheel drive, complete with all wheel steer and megatrak hydraulic suspension. We have specced out this crane to make it as safe and capable off road as possible. 



Can't get full outriggers on a tight site? With MAXbase there is no grey area around stability on short outriggers. MAXbase de-rates over short outriggers and gives full lift over full outriggers, providing maximum lift and safety. This reduces human error, offering confidence to the operator and the client.

ADAM-3D-ICON (1).jpg

3D Lift Planning

3D lift planning is available for projects that require the next level in jobsite planning. Visualise the lift to give clients and operational staff a full understanding of the process.


Delivery & Availability

Key partnerships and collaboration with other providers means that we can offer a range of equipment to suit your job.

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